Individual Obstacles Race (IOR) : GTO Tests (SSB Interview)

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Individual Obstacles Race (IOR) is the first task on day 4 of SSB Interview under GTO Tests. This task is designed to test organising ability and physical endurance of the candidates appearing in SSB interview. 
This task consists of a set of 10 obstacles which you have to complete in a time span of 3 minutes. Each obstacle has a number (from 1 to 10) marked to it, which indicates the point you will get after completing that particular task successfully. However these obstacles will not be arranged serially, which means you can start any obstacle you wish.
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How it is Conducted?

  • The GTO has a whistle and a watch with him to regulate the task.
  • He will start from the first candidate who will get up and go behind any obstacle from where he wants to start.
  • To start him off the GTO will blow the whistle once.
  • After two and half minutes the GTO will shout 'Next', this is an indication that two and half minutes are over and only 30 seconds are remaining. 
  • The GTO will blow the whistle again, this is an indication that the 3 minutes up that means time is over for the first candidate and time for the second candidate has started.
  • This way one by one the GTO will keep shouting 'Next' and blowing whistle. And put all the candidates one by one through the task.
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Important Facts to Remember During This Task

  1. Make a good plan to do the obstacles before performing the task.
  2. The plan should be such that minimum time is spent in doing the obstacles.
  3. Run fast in between the obstacles, never walk during the whole 3 minutes.
  4. If you complete all the 10 obstacles than you can repeat them again to get extra marks.
  5. Must do obstacle number 9 and 10 as these will give you the highest marks and since these tasks are more challenging, hence it will show your courage.
  6. To complete these tasks you must run 2-3 KM everyday before going for SSB interview.
  7. If you get stuck on any obstacle than leave it and go to the next obstacle. If time permits you can repeat that again.

List of all the Obstacles

  1. Single Ramp
  2. Double Barrel
  3. Balancing Beam
  4. Screen Jump
  5. Burma Bridge
  6. Tarzan Swing
  7. Double Platform Jump

  8. Double Ditch
  9. Commando Walk
  10. Tiger Leap