Leucturette : GTO Tests (SSB Interview)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Leucturette is the last task on Day 3 under GTO Tests in SSB interview. This task is designed to test your Power of Expression and confidence in giving speeches. This task also tests the standard of your understanding about social and political issues.

How it is Conducted?

  • In this task each candidate will have to deliver a short speech of 3 minutes in front of the group on any one of the 4 topics given in the card. The GTO will have as many cards as the number of candidates.
  • The first candidate according to numerical sequence will be called to pick up the topmost card and go little away from the group to prepare the speech. The total time given to prepare the speech will be 3 minutes.
  • While the first candidate is preparing, the remaining candidates are asked to introduce themselves briefly. Normally you have to introduce yourself with your name, your father's occupation, your school/college name, your hobbies etc.
  • After three minutes of Preparation time first candidate will come back and second candidate will pick up the topmost card and go little away from the group to prepare the speech. Simultaneously the first candidate will deliver the speech. When 2 minutes and 30 seconds will be over the GTO will ring a bell once which indicates that the candidate should wrap up the speech and when it is 3 minutes over than GTO will ring it twice which indicates the end of the speech and the third candidate come and pick up the topmost card and go little away from the group to prepare the speech, simultaneously the second candidate will come back and start delivering the speech.
  • The above mentioned process will be repeated till all the candidates delivered speech.

How to approach this task?

  1. The card will have 4 topics written on it, always choose a topic you are conversant with. It is not important to speak on a high level topic with lesser details, rather speak on a low level topic with great details and expertise.
  2. Remain cool and comfortable during the speech.
  3. Speak loudly and slowly because three may become very long.
  4. Always divide your speech in three or four parts, it will show your organizing ability and it will also help in time management during the speech.
  5. Look at your friends while speaking, don't look at the GTO as you will feel intimidated.
  6. Don't use your hands too much while speaking.
  7. Don't exceed your time and also do not finish abruptly before time.