Half Group Task (HGT) : GTO Tests (SSB Interview)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Half Group Task or HGT is the second last task of Day 3. In this task your group will be divided into two subgroups. Both the Half Groups will be given the same task to perform, one after the other. Both the Half Groups will perform this task in absence of other group, while one group is performing the task other will sent to the waiting room. In this task there will be only one Obstacle and all group rules will apply.
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How to Approach HGT?

  1. Be a constructive member of the group.
  2. Try to lead the group.
  3. In case someone already taken the lead support him by providing him/her by providing your ideas.
  4. Don't give up very easily. Keep trying and motivating your group members.
  5. Be focused with only one path.
  6. Wait till all the members of the group have crossed and be helpful towards them.
  7. Never criticize the group members.
  8. Don't try to show off.
  9. Don't look towards the GTO.
  10. Don't break any rules and if it happens than go back and perform the same task again.