Conference : SSB Interview

Friday, July 14, 2017

Conference is the final test you have to face in the SSB Interview on Day 5. In this test you have to face at least 8-10 officers including Interviewing Officer (IO), Psychologist and Group Testing Officer (GTO). But generally questions will be asked by only the Interviewing Officer (IO).
The questions asked in conference are generally straight forward. For example, How was your stay at the board?.

Conference Procedure

  1. Te Day 5 of SSB Interview is the conference day. On this day each candidate is called one by one in the conference room to take a final look. Forget about what you have done in previous tests and deliver the best at the last.
  2. When you enter the conference room you will find a 'U' shaped table in front. A pictorial representation of the conference hall is shown below. There will be a single chair placed at the opposite end far away from the centre.
  3. Since the conference room will consists of a U shaped table having at least 8-10 officers including Interviewing Officer (IO) Psychologist and Group Testing Officer (GTO) hence you might feel nervous. However only IO will ask you some straightforward questions about your stay at the centre, any difficulties you faced during the stay. Do not share even if you have faced any difficulties.
  4. Once the conference procedure is over you will be asked to go to your room, and get ready to leave. After lunch you will be gathered centrally, and chest numbers of successful candidates. The successful candidates will be retained for further document verification and medical examination which takes about 5 days.

Dos' and Don'ts in the Conference

  • Wear formal dress before conference same as during Personal Interview.
  • When your turn comes, knock the door and enter automatically. Proceed to your chair, wish everyone and wait till you are asked to do so.
  • When asked to sit, sit down straight up, keep your arms on your thighs and do not use it during you are speaking.
  • Keep your face smiling and look straight into the eyes of the person who is speaking to you.
  • Answer all questions carefully and do not contradict yourself.
  • Be prepared with the answers of those questions which you are left unanswered during the Personal Interview, IO might ask you those questions.
  • Never ask any question, when you are asked to do so.