How to Handle Personal Interview of SSB

Friday, July 14, 2017

Personal Interview is normally taken immediately after the completion of Psychological Tests or GTO Tests between Day 2 to Day 4 of five days' hectic schedule of

SSB Interview. This is an important part of SSB Interview, which tests the candidate's confidence level, power of expression, leadership and various other qualities which is desirable to for being an officer.

The Aim of Personal Interview

The main purpose or aim of the Personal Interview the SSB is to access the leadership and Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) in a candidate by means of direct and purposive conversation between the candidate and the Interviewing Officer (IO). In addition to above the interviewing officer also try to evaluate the training potential of the candidate.

How to Succeed in Personal Interviews

Making a Good Impression

An interview normally last 30 to 40 minutes, which is sufficient to decode your personality traits. Hence give a good first impression and retain it til the end.
Unlike GTO Tests which is held in a relaxed and informal environment, Interview is an one to one affair, generally causes a little nervousness and tension in the mind of candidate. Hence try to remain composed to you can able to collect your thoughts and express yourself effectively and leave a good impression to the Interviewing Officer (IO).

Dressing and Personal Hygiene

Be neat, clean and tidy before going for interview. See that you have a simple and good hair cut, hair are combed well, ears nose and nails are clean. Nails should not be long. A girl must not leave Your hair loose, it should be tied in knot. By your cleanliness and good dressing sense you must show that you an orderly person.
A person is recognized by the way he dresses. Hence always wear good and clean dress before going for interview. Your dress should not gaudy and showy. In summer you should wear a dark coloured trouser and light coloured shirt with a well suited tie. You should wear a pair of well polished formal shoes.While in winter season in addition of above you should wear you can wear a dark coloured blazer over the shirt. 

Avoid Mannerisms

  • Sit straight up and look into the eyes.
  • Always maintain eye to eye contact with the IO. 
  • Do not start playing with your necktie. 
  • Do not fumble.
  • Do not keep shaking your knees and taping the floor.
  • Do not move your hands while speaking.

Speak Clearly and Loudly

Speak in a manner such that IO could listen it clearly. Speak to the IO not towards floor or the ceiling.

Be Attentive

Listen to the IO carefully, do not ask him to repeat often. Allow IO to complete his/her question or remarks before you give a reply or answer him/her.

Avoid Arguments

Never challenge or criticize the opinions and comments of the IO. Do not get involved in the arguments with IO, it always harm you. If you are in wrong admit it and apologies for the same.

How to Handle Questions?

The two important factors which is important to handle any questions in an interview are: 
  1. Knowledge
  2. Power of Expression
Let us take an illustration:-
Question: From where do you come from?
Answer: "Vishnu Pur".
Comments: Here the answer is only "Vishnu Pur", It might be not known to the IO, hence give a well defined answer like below:
"I have came from Vishnu Pur a small village in Bihar. The population of this village is about 10000. The main occupation of people of the village is agriculture."
This kind of answer will show your knowledge about your place where you live and also enhances the quality of your answer. 
However for big cities like Delhi you are not required to mention the employment of the population, you should only mention the name and population of the city.
  • Do not answer the questions in one word.
  • Try to answer in a paragraph with sufficient data on board to back your points.
  • Always fill your Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) with true details because the whole interview will revolve around this PIQ.
  • Do not try to cheat by filling false achievements in PIQ and if you filled it then prepare well before to back your claims successfully.