Thematic Apperception Test(TAT) : Psychological Tests(SSB Interview)

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) is the first test taken under Psychological Tests in SSB.  This test is tiring because in this test you have to write alot of stories back to back. This test is designed to test your personality traits and how you perceive the situation after watching it.This test is almost ​similar to Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT) except two differences that are:
  1. In PPDT candidates have to mark the age, sex, mood and position of characters of the image slide on the booklet but in the TAT you have to write only the story.
  2. In PPDT candidates have to write only one story while in TAT you have to write 12 stories back to back.

 How It is Conducted?

In Thematic Apperception Test, 12 picture slides are shown one by one to candidates and said to write a short story on these pictures. The first picture is shown for 30 seconds and then 4 minutes are given to write a story on it. After that second picture is shown for 30 seconds and then 4 minutes are given to write a story. Similarly remaining​ pictures are shown and you have to write a story based on the picture. 
Last slide is shown and you are asked to write a story by imagining a picture of your own.
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How to Write a Story?

  1. Identify your Hero (or You) in The Picture (Starting Part): The first thing you should have to do after watching the picture slide is to identify your Hero of the story. Hero should be given a proper name with his/her designation like like scientist, doctor, sarpanch etc. The Hero will be assumed as you by the Psychologist, hence he/she should have leader, social worker, sensible, honest, confident, strong, daring, intelligent and always winner.
  2. Identify the Problem/Story in The Picture (Middle Part): After identifying the Hero of the story, next thing you will have to identify the problem/need of the story. To identify it you should ask 4 questions to yourself: (1) What action is taken place in the picture?, (2) Where the scene completes/action taken place?, (3( Why the action or scene taken place? and (4)  How the problem is solved or  the need  is fulfilled by the Hero?.These 4 questions will set the theme and the plot of the story.
  3. End with a Good Conclusion (Ending Part): After writing above two parts of the story, now you have to end the story with positive and happy ending like Bollywood movies. 

    Do's and Don'ts in This Test?

    • Never present negative image of your Hero.
    • Don't use your own name as the name of your Hero. And the name should be different for each story. Names should be from each religion, it shows your social quotient.
    • Don't make your Hero greedy of money or award seeker.
    • Every sentence of the story should be in past tense.
    • Don't give any heading or title to your story.
    • Avoid over writings and cutting s in the story.
    • Write Story with maximum speed and correct grammar which shows the Power of Expression.