Situation Reaction Test(SRT) : Psychological Tests(SSB Interview)

Friday, June 9, 2017

Situation Reaction Test is the third test tken under Psychological Tests conducted during SSB Interview after Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) and Word Association Test (WAT). This test is designed to get your immediate reaction on some good and some bad situations are provided to you to analyze your personality traits by forcing your mind to write a good and always positive solutions. 

How it is Conducted?

  1. In this test you are given 60 situations written on a booklet.
  2. You have to write answers, which is reaction to the situations.
  3. The total time given to you will be 30 minutes in which you have to complete whole test. 
  4. The situations provided to you can be any of the following: Accidents, Studies and career, money problems, games, natural calamities, crossing the river, fire accidents, strangers at a new place, Different kinds of journey, illness, snakes in the house. mountaineering, pick pocketing, eve teasing, elections etc.

    Some Do's and Don'ts of this Test?

    • Don't write solutions in paragraphs.
    • Use few words to answer the problems.
    • Always write answers in Past Indefinite Tense to write solutions to the given problems.
    • Always show your heroics but avoid supernatural solutions to the problems. Be always on realty.
    • Always your leadership, daring, sensible and non selfish nature through your solutions by helping someone or by uniting a group of people for a social cause.
    • Don't give negative answers to the situations, always convert negative situations into a good one through your solutions.
    • Keep it in mind that every problem has solution, so try to answer all 60 problems you ​are provided.
    • Try to complete the test before scheduled time, because they can take it before scheduled time to assert some pressure on you and to test your nervous.
    • Avoid over writings and cuttings, since this indicates your lack of information, lack of confidence and ultimately lack of Officer Like Qualities (OLQs).
    • And at last I would say that they only required a winner not a looser any situation.