Group Obstacle Race (GOR) : GTO Tests (SSB Interview)

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Group Obstacle Race (GOR) is conducted on day 3 of SSB interview. This is the 4th test conducted under GTO tests. This test is also known as snake race because in this test you are given a rope which resembles the snake.

How it is Conducted?

  • In this task the group is made to race against the other groups through a series of six obstacles.
  • The Objective of the group is to reach the finish line first and win this race.
  • A maximum of four groups only take part and each group is assigned one channel and asked to remain in that channel throughout.
  • This is an exciting task hence every candidates should be energized during the task.

Rules must be followed during Group Obstacle Race (GOR)

  1. Every group are given a snake of their own.
  2. Once you pick-up the snake you must hold the snake.
  3. While running from one obstacle to other the snake must remain straight and parallel.
  4. While doing any obstacle it is not possible to hold the snake, at this point of time a minimum of 3 of you hold the snake and others can leave it.
  5. Group and colour rule of Progressive Group Task (PGT) is applicable in this test.
  6. The rope/snake will follow the same course that of you.
  7. The snake can't be reduced in its length.
  8. In the situation of violation of any rules then GTO will imposed​certain penalties like repeating the task or any other penalty which is suitable.

The List of Obstacles

  1. The First Obstacle: This Obstacle is called the single ramp. In this task you have to climb the ramp and jump. 
  2. The Second Obstacle: In this task you have to make a figure of 8. At the time of briefing, the GTO will give a demonstration as to how this Obstacle is required to be tackled.
  3. The Third Obstacle: This Obstacle is called the spider's web. 
  4. The Fourth Obstacle: This Obstacle is called the double wall. The group is expected to climb the first wall one by one, walk on the wooden log to reach the second wall and jump down.
  5. The Fifth Obstacle: The Obstacle is called the single wall. It is higher than the double wall.
  6. The Sixth Obstacle: This Obstacle is called as the single ramp or a slide. This is like a slide but it is very tall.