Word Association Test(WAT) : Psychological Tests(SSB Interview)

Friday, June 9, 2017

Word Association Test (WAT) is the second test under Psychological Tests conducted during SSB Interview. This test is conducted after Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), this test is designed so as to attract spontaneous reaction  of the candidate, which helps the psychologist to identify candidates' personalty traits, knowledge of expression with their attitude towards life and different things around his/her by giving two types of words that are  positive  and  negative.

How it is Conducted?

  1. There are 60 pictures shown one by one and you have to write meaningful sentence on the word. 
  2. Each  word shown to you is kept exposed for nearly 15 seconds and within this period you  have to present your thought with a meaningful sentence.  
  3. There will be all type of words that is positive, negative and neutral.
  4. The sentence should be written always in positive sense, even negative word should be converted into positive sentence by applying No, Not, Never etc.
  5. Words shown to you can be converted into any form of verb to write a sentence, like the word Respect can be used as Respected, Respects and Respecting.

Important Instructions

  • Do not use proverbs, questions, quotations and idioms.
  • Never use modal verbs like can, could, should, may, must, might etc.
  • Always write sentences in Present Indefinite Tense.
  • Do not use imperative sentence like order, instructions, suggestions etc.
  • After seeing the words write the sentence directly without writing the word, instead underline the word in the sentence.
  • Do not leave any word without writing a sentence.
  • Avoid over writings and cuttings.