Geography For UPSC, BPSC and other Civil Services Examinations

Geography For UPSC, BPSC and other Civil Services Examinations

Geography is a very good optional subject for UPSC, BPSC and any other PCS Examinations because it is comprehensive and objective in nature which makes it good marks fetching subject. But it also has some cons like it's syllabus is huge and requires a lot of learning power hence it could be disastrous for those who can't learn things quickly and retain for long. It requires a lot of revision and it is also dynamic in nature hence you have to be updated with latest developments happening around you.

You can learn it chapter-wise as given below, Some of them is available right now while some chapters will come in due course of time.

(A). Physical Geography

I. Geomorphology

1. Geological History

2. Alfred Wegner's Continental Drift Theory

3.  Sea Floor Spreading Theory

4. Plate Tectonics Theory

5. Origin and Evolution of Earth's Crust

6. Davis' Model of Cycle of Erosion

7. Penck's Model of Cycle of Erosion

8. Fluvial Landforms

9. Glacial Landforms

10. Karst Landforms

11. Rejuvenation and Polycyclic Landforms

II. Climatology

1. Atmosphere - Structure and Composition

2. Air Masses and Fronts

3. Cyclones and Related Phenomenon

4. Koeppon's Classification of Climate

5. Thornthwait's Classification of Climate

6. Groundwater and Hydrological Cycle

III. Oceanography 

1. Ocean Bottom Relief(OBR)

2. Relief of Indian Ocean Floor

3. Ocean Salinity

4. Ocean currents

4. Ocean Tides

5. Ocean Deposits

6. Coral Reefs

IV. Soils and Vegetation

1. Soil Genesis

2. Soil classification

3. Soil Distribution

4. Ecological Aspects of Savanna Forest Biomes

5. Ecological Aspects of Monsoon Forest Biomes

V. Ecosystems

1. Concept of Ecosystems

2. Man's Impact on the Ecosystem

3. Global Ecological Imbalances

(B). Human Geography

Economic Geography

1. Economic Development Models

2. Measurement of Economic Development

3. Problems Hindering Economic Development

4. Concept of Resources and Their Classification

5. Energy and Energy Crisis

(C). Geography of India

Political Geography

1. Political Problems of India

2. India's International Borders and Related Issues

3. Indian Ocean Region(IOR) and concerned Geopolitics