Group Discussion : GTO Tasks (SSB Interview)

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Group Discussion is the first task conducted under GTO Tests in an​ SSB Interview. This test is conducted to test your Power of Expression in a group. This test is first of the group tests conducted during SSB Interview.

How it is Conducted?

  1. Before the Group Discussion a batch is divided into small groups of 6-10 and placed in an open ground.
  2. Each group will have its own Testing Officer called the GTO (Group Testing Officer). This Officer will remain with you for entire GTO series. 
  3. This task is performed in two stages as GD-I and GD-II.
  4. In the first stage the GTO will give you 2 topics having 3 sub points in each topic. These topics will be of average in nature. Your​group have to choose one of topics given. The chosen topic will be discussed for about 10-15 minutes.
  5. Thereafter the GTO will call off the first topic and give your group the second topic. First time there will be a choice to select one topic out of two but in the second stage of Group Discussion there will be no choice. You have to discuss the topic given to you by the GTO. This topic will also have 3 sub points and will be discussed for about 10-15 minutes only.

What Should You Do in GD?

  • Help the group in the selection of the topic by 3-4 ideas in favour of the topic you wish to speak on in GD-I.
  • Sit straight-up in position and you should look the person who is speaking. When you are speaking look at the group members only. Never look towards the GTO during whole Group Discussion.
  • Speak only one in 25-30 seconds. And you must speak for 4-6times.(Important)
  • Your​participation must be adequate.
  • Whatever idea you will give from that it must appear that you are intelligent and you have knowledge & data.
  • After you have spoken, keep quiet and allow others to speak. This will be show that you are ready to listen others views. To be a good spokesman you should be a good listener first.
  • Your voice must be loud and clear like a news anchor.
  • Don't point fingers to others and never use foul language.
  • Don't indulge in bilateral discussions and never touch a person seating right or left.
  • More often it occurs that almost all the group members start speaking at the same time. If it happens it is best to keep quiet and speak after the end of tussle.
  • And at last never regulate the Group Discussion.