Command Task (CT) : GTO Tests (SSB Interview)

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Command Task (CT) is the second last task of Day 4 as well as of GTO Tests during a SSB interview. This task is the last chance to prove your endeavours to the GTO. This is designed to test your leadership skills.
In this task you will work as commander and you will be asked to choose two members of your group to help you with the task. Hence you have to perform two roles first as the commander and the secondary role is the subordinate. Time given to do the task is 10 minutes only. All the rules except group rules are applicable.

How it is Conducted?

1. Role as Commander :

  • This is the only task in which you will be all alone with the GTO. 
  • The GTO may ask you some questions relating to PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire), preparation and your performance till that day.
  • The GTO will then explain the task to you.
  • Watch the helping material and the structures carefully. 
  • Then you have to choose two friends quickly. Try to select those candidates who are doing well in the group. Never bother about color and cast.
  • Preferably one of the candidate must be thin and tall and the other slightly heavy.

2. Role as Subordinate :

  • Obey all the orders of the Commander.
  • Do not help the Commander directly or indirectly. But when the Commander asks for the the suggestions than you may give him/her an idea.
  • Try to be an effective subordinate.

Important Points to Remember for Command Task

  1. Command Task (CT) is generally preselected and different for every candidate.
  2. A candidate who are going to be selected will be given a difficult Command Task (CT) as well as the GTO will spend more time with such candidates seeking more and more ideas.
  3. During this task the GTO may ask you about your performance in Psychological Tests and Interview.