Group Planning Exercise

Friday, April 24, 2015

What is Group planning Exercise?
In the Group Planning Exercise (GPE) story is explained to you by the Group Testing Officer with the help of a model and story card. This story has 2-3 main problems which is required to solve. It may have a minor problem.
This task passes through 5 stages are as follows:-
  • Stage-1: The GTO will explain a model according to which you have to solve the problems given to you.
  • Stage-2: Then GTO will read the story card.
  • Stage-3: The story card will be given to each candidates for reading and understanding the story. Time assigned to read the story is 5 minutes.
  • Stage-4: The candidate will be given 10 minutes to write the solution on a single sheet of paper.
  • Stage-5: There will be a discussion of about 10-15 minutes on the solution of the problems. After that anyone of you can get up and explain a common group solution of given problems.
Sitting Arrangement: - The arrangement will be made in a hollow square and the model will continue to remain in front of you for the entire duration of the Group Planning Exercise (GPE).
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How to Write Solution
First of all mention the aim of your story then write problems arises in between and how you are going to solve the problems and solve these at the same time. Priority of problems should be given as such that the biggest problem comes first and then bigger one then big ones. Use all the resources you found in the model let’s take an example if it is given in the model the incident happened on the road than you should we wise if there is a road than buses, cars or any vehicle surely there available so you can use it to solve your problem. Similarly if there is district headquarter is mentioned than is a hospital will surely exist. These are just common sense.
  • Problem No.1 (Save human life):- First of all solve the problem in which immediate death are going to be happen even if a criminal or terrorist is going to die you have to save their life because life is most precious thing than any.
  • Problem No.2 (Prevent mass/national disaster):- Now write the solution for mass/national disaster which is going to affect a large number of people.
  • Problem No.3 (Any other problem):- Now write the solution of problem which has lesser importance than above problems where life and society is in danger like smuggling, snatching, theft etc.
Before writing solution you should keep all these thing in your mind as follows:-
  • How many candidates are going to solve the problem?        
  • Where they will go?
  • How will they go?
  • What will they do there?
  • At last mention how much distance covered and time consumed to solve the problem.
Never Forget the Aim
Yes, always keep this thing in your mind that never forget to write the completion of aim where problems were raised and then solved.
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