Hearth of the Urban Settlements

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The settlement where, most of the population are involved in secondary Tertiary, Quaternary and Quinary Activities are termed as the Urban Settlements.

If urban or rural settlements are classified only on the basis of demography, than at such places the urban settlements are defined as the settlement where the population is more than the threshold number of people or density of the people. U

Urban Hearth:- The Areas where world's first cities were established or evolved. First urban Hearth in the World was probably developed around 3500 BC. And first of the hearth were probably developed/evolved from Agricultural activities.

Hearths of the World

1. Mesopotamian Urban Hearth 

This is the first urban hearth which was probably developed around 3500 BC. The two most famous cities of this urban Hearth was Ur and Babylon, which were located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

2. Nile River Valley River Urban Hearth

This is the second around 3200 BC along the Nile River. This hearth is in Africa Characterised by absence of any kind of city walls, which indicates single seat of leadership or ruler had no opponent, who can challenge.

3. Indus Valley Urban Hearth

This is the third urban hearth which was developed along the Indus and the Saraswati Rivers around 2500 BC in India. The urban hearth here are characterised by strong walls, well planned city structures, well planned drainage and streets are found in this urban hearth. And wells were well maintained, which were secured by the stone walls from inside the wells. All above features of the hearth indicates strong leadership at the centre. Main cities of this urban hearth were Mohenjodaro and Harappa

4. Chinese Urban Hearth 

This urban hearth was developed along the Huang he (yellow) and Yangtze (Wei) rivers in China in around 1500 BC. This hearth was known for production and export of Silk for the first in the world.

5. Mesoamerica Urban hearth

These were developed around 2nd century Bc in Central America and Mexico. This hearth was basically the religious centres. here polity was theocratic in nature, where ruler was deemed as the God kings or representative of the God having divine authority.

Example- Yucatan, Guatemala and Honduras.

6. Peru Urban Hearth

This was the most urban hearth founded in Columbia recent to Atacama desert in Chille along the Andes mountain that's why this urban hearth is also known as the Andean Urban Hearth.