Difference Between Adjournment and Prorogation

Monday, August 10, 2020

Adjournment and Prorogation are integral part of the working of the Parliament of India. Adjournment suspends the working of a Sitting while Prorogation suspends the Sitting as well as Session of the Parliament.


Adjournment is a process through which a sitting of a session is terminated. It is done by the Presiding officers of the House of the Parliament (Sansad) i.e. Speaker/Deputy Speaker in the Case of Loksabha and Chairman/Vice Chairman in the case of the Rajya Sabha. 

It is done for a specified period of time in form of hours, days or even weeks.

Adjournment Sine Die

This is an adjournment as stated above but while doing adjournment sine die, there is no specified time period  is mentioned for which it is done.


However, the Presiding officer of the concerned House can call upon the next Sitting of the House before  the time period mentioned while Adjourning the Sitting. Similar is the case with Adjournment Sine Die, in which the Presiding Officer can call for the next sitting at any time.


Prorogation is a process through which sitting as well as session both get terminated. It is done by the president through a notification, which is generally issued after Adjournment sine die is declared by the Presiding officer of the concerned house of the Parliament. But Prorogation can be notified by the President at any point of time even in between the session without any declaration of Adjournment Sine Die by the Presiding officer of the concerned House. 

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Adjournment V/s Prorogation

Adjournment Prorogation
It leads to the termination of Sitting not Session. It results into the termination of both the Sitting and the Session.
It is issued by the Presiding Officer of the concerned House. It is issued by the President of India through Notification.
It does not affect any kind of pending Bills, notices or any other work of the House. These can be resumed without any need for issuing fresh Notification in the next sitting. It also does not affect the pending Bills or other businesses pending in the House. However all pending notices (other than those for introducing Bills) get lapsed and to resume them fresh notices are required to be issued.