Very Important Vocabulary Words For SSC,Railway and Banking

Friday, February 24, 2017

These are most important vocabulary words that were asked in previous years SSC Exams and will be helpful for the aspirants of various competitive exams like CGLE, CHSLE, Banking, Railway etc.
These words are listed below:-
1. Wonder:-    Have a wish or desire to know something (He wondered about who had built this beautiful temple.

2. Wander:-    Move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment.

3. Flee:-    To leave a person or place.

4. Leverage:-   Strategic advantage, power to act effectively.
Example:- India has leverage over the Pakistan on Kashmir issue.

5.   Hallucination:-  The fact of seeming to see or hear somebody/something that is not really there, a false belief. (Synonym:- Delusion)

6.   Salacious:-   Encouraging sexual desire or containing too much detail of sex(lustful).

7.   Retrench:-   Reduce, delete, remove(to tell someone that he cannot continue working for you), Make a reduction, as in one’s own workforce.

8.   Aggravate:-    Worsen, to make an unpleasant situation worse, To make very annoyed or frustrated.

9.   Alleviate:-    Provide physical relief as from pain, make easier.

10.   Indelible:-  Impersonate to forget or remove, Permanent.

11.   Apprehensive:-  In fear or dread of possible evil/harm.

12.   Effeminate:-  Having unsuitable feminine qualities(an effeminate man).

13.   Impersonate:-  To play the part of, and function as, some other person.

14.   Fastidious:-  Not easily pleased by anything.

15.   Intestate:-  To fie without having made a will.

16.   Masochist:-  Someone who obtains pleasure from receiving pain/punishment.

17.   Fratricide:-  A person who murders their brother or sister.

18.   Indict:-   To officially charge somebody with a crime.
                         Example:- Hafeez Saeed has finally indicted in the charge of Mumbai terror attack.

19.   Exonerate:-   Pronounce not guilty of criminal charges

20.  Stubborn:-  Difficult to get rid of (control). (Synonym:- Obstinate)  

21.  Docile:-   Quiet & easy to control . 

22.  Piscivorous:-  An animal living on fish (eating fish).  

23.  Patricide:-  A person who murders their father. 

24.  Maverick:-  Independent in behaviour or thought. (Synonym:-Unorthodox)  

25.  Prodigy:-  Child of unusual or remarkable talent.  

26. Gratifying:-  Pleasing, giving satisfaction.  

27. Stroller:-  A  person who is enjoying a relax walk.   

28. Jaunt:- Excursion, a short journey that you make for pleasure.  

29. Nostalgic:- A feeling of sadness mixed  with pleasure and affection.  

30. Connoisseur:-  An expert on matters involving the judgment of  skill in art, food  or music.   

31.   Memoir:-   An account written by somebody famous about their life and experience.  

32.   Credentials:-  The qualities that make you suitable to do something.  

33.   Seize:-   To be quick to make use of chance/opportunity. (Synonym:- grab)   

34.   Tirade:-  Along angry speech criticizing somebody /something or accusing somebody of something. (Synonym- Denunciation)   

35.   Vicissitudes:-  One of the many changes and problems in a situation or in your life that you have to deal with.  

36.   Barbarous:-  Primitive in culture(non civilized). (Synonym- Brutal/Cruel)   

37.   Heighten:- Make stronger, strengthen, intensify, Increase.  

38.   Dubious:- Doubtful, suspicious, uncertain, Vague.  

39.   Tepid:-  Luke warm, slightly warm, sometimes in a way that is not pleasant.  

40.   Canny:-  Intelligent, careful and showing good judgment.  

41.    Humane:-  Showing kindness towards people and animals, sympathetic.