Very Important Vocabulary Words For SSC, Railway and Banking Part 2

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

These vocabulary words are from the previous 10 years papers' of Combined Graduate Level Examination (CGLE). Since you know that SSC repeats its questions, these words are very important for upcoming SSC exams. It is also equally important for Banking and Railway exams.

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  2.  Very important Vocabulary Words Part 2
1. Anarchy:-  A state where no law & order exists.

2. Accomplice:-  A person who joins with another in carrying out some plan(Especially an unethical or, illegal plan).

3. Excursion:-  A Journey taken for pleasure.

4. Quintessence:-  The purest and most concentrated essence of something.(Synonym:- Essential)

5. Evince:-  Give expression to (Hint) indirectly.

6. Ambivalence:-  The state of having simultaneous conflicting reactions, beliefs/felling. (Synonym:- Ambiguous)

7. Detestable:-  Offensive to the mind.

8. Despicable:-  Unworthy, worthless.

9. Laudable:- Worthy of high praise.

10. Diligent:-  Quietly & steadily continuing a task despite any difficulties.

11. Imprudent :-  Not wise.

12. Improvident:-  Not providing for the future.

13. Veteran:-  One who has long experience of doing something.

14. Novice:-  Someone new to a field or activity.

15. Placid:- Free from disturbance by heavy waves, Not easily irritated.

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16. Vacillation:-  Hesitation , indecision in speech or action, changing location by moving back and forth.

17. Steadfastness:-  Loyalty in the face of trouble and difficulties.

18. Inoculation:-  Taking a vaccine as a precaution against contracting a disease.

19. Remorse:-  A feeling of deep regret.

20. Effeminacy:-  The trait of being effeminate/derogatory of a man, softness, unwantedness.
21. Obscure:-  Unknown, difficult to understand.

22. Sublime:-  Of very high quality and causing great admiration, Extreme.

23. Lackadaisical:-  Not showing enough care or enthusiasm.

24. Insolent:-  Extremely rude and showing lack of respect.

25. Slither:-  To move somewhere in a smooth, controlled way and often close to the ground.(slide, glide)

26. Impious:-  Showing a lack of respect for god or religion.(Synonym:- Irreverent)

27. Scorn:-  Condemn, to feel or show that you think somebody/something is stupid and you do not respect them, dismiss.

28. Apposite:-  Very appropriate for a particular situation or in relation to something.

29. Sanguine:-  Optimistic, cheerful and confident.

30. Peculiarity:-  Unusual characteristics.