Important Questions on Indus Valley Civilization

Friday, February 24, 2017

Indus Valley Civilization or Harappa Civilization is the Civilization of India on the bank of Indus and Saraswati river between 2500BC - 1500BC. It was one of the world's earliest Civilization which is contemporary to the Mesopotamian and Chinese Civilizations.

  • These are the most important Questions that can be asked from Indus Valley Civilization are given below:-
  1. Which is the largest discovered site of Indus Valley Civilization ? (Ans:- Mohenjo-Daro)
  2. Which is the largest site of Indus Valley Civilization of India ? (Ans:- Rakhigarhi)
  3. Which god/goddess were worshipped in the Indus Valley Civilization  ? (Ans:- Pashupati Mahadev(Shiva), Matri Devi(Shakti)
  4. Which metal was unknown to the peoples of Indus Valley Civilization ? (Ans:- Iron)
  5. The metal which was known to the peoples of Indus Valley Civilization was ? (Ans:- Bronze)
  6. The animal which was pious to the peoples of Indus Valley Civilization was ? (Ans:- The bull with hump)
  7. The main food crops of the civilization was ? (Ans:- Wheat and Barley)
  8. Which were the two sites found in Afghanistan that belongs to the Indus Valley Civilization? (Ans:- Shatughai and Mundiigaq)
  9. Which were the countries that had the trade relations with the Indus Valley Civilization?  (Ans:- Sumeria or Mesopotamia(Iraq) and Bahrain)
  10. What are the reasons the Dholavira famous for ? (Ans):- A Unique water harnessing system with a water drainage system)                                  
  11. Which were the capital cities of Indus Valley Civilization/Harappa Civilization ? (Ans:- Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa)
  12. Which were the port cities of  the Indus Valley Civilization? (Ans:- Lothal, Sutakgender, Balakot, Kuntasi and Allahdino)
  13. What is the north most and  south most part of the Indus Valley Civilization ? {Ans:- Manda(J&K) and Daimabad(Maharashtra)}
  14. What were the western and  eastern boundaries of the Indus Valley Civilization ? (Ans:- Sutakgendor and  Alamgirpur)
  15. Which were the contemporary civilizations during  The Indus Valley Civilization ? (Ans:- Mesopotamia, China and Egypt)
  16. What was the Vedic name of Harappa ? (Ans:-  Hariyumpia)
  17. What were the main occupations of the peoples of Harappa Civilization ? (Ans:- Tradesman and other buisness)
  18. What is the oldest script of Indian subcontinent ? {Ans:- Harappa Script (Pictographic script)}
  19. What is the Oldest deciphered script of Indian subcontinent ? (Ans:- Brahmi script)
  20. Who were the first to produce cotton in the world ? (Ans:- The peoples of Indus Valley Civilization)
  21. For how much years the Harappa civilization was survived ?(Ans:-  1000 Years)